Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beware of Being Overinsured!

With 46 million people in the US having no health insurance, I am sure that many would like to have my problem of insurance, see, I believe I am over insured!!!!
When I called for an appointment to Downing and McPeak Vision Center, it seemed that the most important question to them , after asking my name, was ,, what insurance do you have? Ah, I have good insurance, and there was part of my problem.
I have learned to question more, see, if you have really good insurance, it is more likely that you will be subjected to greedy doctors who want to run tests, perform procedures etc that run up that bill!!!!!!
If I had had no insurance , you can bet that I would not have been rushed into an operation, I would not have been told that I " had to have it " I believe that I would have saved my sight, now on the other hand , my husband went through tumor/cancer and good insurance was definitely a blessing, but like I said, for me, it caused my downfall, so beware of the danger of greedy doctors who put you at risk to line their pockets.
With good insurance comes the responsibility of realising that there are greedy doctors who will put you at risk for the almighty dollar, don't fall into the same trap as I did and trust that all doctors have your best interest at heart, double check, get a second opinion, research your issues and be careful. It may very well have been the factor that caused me to lose my vision.
Below is one extreme case, or is it so extreme? there could be much more of this going on than people realize.

Surgery Mills??
60% of operations per year not justified?
One extreme case involving a doctor knowingly reaping the financial benefits of unnecessary surgeries occurred in California, where an ophthalmologist managed to bill Medicare $46 million over four years for unwarranted operations he performed on his patients. "According to the government, he created a 'surgery mill,' in which he falsified patient records to justify numerous unnecessary cataract and eyelid operations. In addition to this wholesale theft, he put his patients through unneeded pain and worry," writes Gross. It is also important to note in all of this that unnecessary surgery is not considered medical malpractice, according to Rondberg in Under the Influence of Modern Medicine, which makes it even more important for patients to protect themselves by looking into all possible avenues before going under the knife.

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