Thursday, March 18, 2010

RP, new help, or gadget? ,, Health Care, up to all of us

"Telescope manufacturer Designs for Vision, Inc. (DVI) has produced a viable series of reverse telescope spectacles that permit us to treat RP patients like never before," said Dr. Smith.

The above statement could be of help to RP patients, something to keep our eyes on !!

Health Care,, its our business too !

With the upcoming vote on the Health care bill, its time for all of us to help in the fight for better care, more affordable care , we cannot keep waiting for " someone else " to do it. It's up to us to report abuses, over billing, over treating, fraud, and all the other abuses found in health care, report it, prove it. you can file with proof of fraud and also pocket some of the savings yourself!! Its the right thing to do, it is the responsible thing to do. The future depends on it, we cannot keep letting these surgery centers, these doctors , get by with ripping off our taxes by fraud against medicare, or driving up health care costs by fraud against our insurance agencies, in the end, it hurts me, you, the children of the next generation, which is why it is our responsibility to report fraud!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Updates coming!!

I haven't added any news to this site for a while now, partly, I have been busy, partly I have been discouraged, and partly I have been depressed.
Depression can drag you down and make you give up, but I have decided that I will never give up. Yes, there is little I can do about my situation after losing some of my vision due to my surgery at Downing and Mcpeak Vision Center in Kentucky, but just maybe I can get the word out and save someone else from going through what I have.
And do not doubt, there are others , some who have sought justice against these errant doctors, some who weep silently at their loss. Some who just do not know where to go for help! I will continue to seek out avenues to help those I can, and avenues to stop those who would harm others ! I will reach out to the insiders of the office and surgery center who know much of what is going on. I will continue.

In the upcoming days and weeks I will still be posting information on RP as I can find it, and I will update any court news etc I find on these so called doctors who have forgotten ( as if they ever cared ) their oath to cause no harm.
Please visit back in a few days for updated information.
And to those who have been in touch about their experiences with these doctors, thanks.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Retinitis pigmentosa eye disease and Dr Norman Radtke

Dr Radtke is an RP specialist, he has offices in both Indiana and Louisville KY

I believe , from looking at the clinical trial site, he is continuing his trials and recruiting patients,, Only a small number of people at this point,, I can tell you from experience, he is a kind and caring, experienced man.

I went to Dr Radkte after my vision loss at the hands of Dr Downing and Dr Porter at Downing McPeak vision center, and Norman Radkte was trying to rid me of the CME caused from the disaster I experienced at Downing and McPeak.

After having such a horrible experience with believing Dr Porter about his experience with RP, I checked out Dr Radtke before going there and he does have extensive experience with this condition,, unlike Dr Porter , who caused me to lose vision,, I wish I had known about this experienced doctor before letting Dr Porter and Dr Downing near me,, I have no doubt that had I known,, I would still have my vision today .

Friday, December 4, 2009

Is this successful eye surgery?

Nor had I spoken to any individuals who wished they had never had the procedure — of which, I have since learned, there are plenty.
On April 13, 2007, I had the surgery. Dr. Belmont’s colleague examined me the next day. My vision was a little blurry, but apparently that was normal. Dr. Belmont said that everything looked good on subsequent visits, too. But the blurriness never went away.
At night, I saw halos around streetlights; neon signs bled; the moon had two rings around it like Saturn. My eyes felt sore, a result of dry eye, which also causes sporadic blurriness.
Dr. Belmont told me that sometimes women of a certain age who are undergoing hormonal changes or who take certain medications get dry eye. It would have been nice if I’d known my advanced age (39) might be problematic before I sat in the chair.
I cut out all prescription and nonprescription pills. Didn’t help. The doctor told me to use Refresh Plus, over-the-counter drops that temporarily help dry eye. The drops cost around $12 a box; I go through two boxes a week. She also prescribed Restasis eye drops, which can help increase tear production. They didn’t for me.
True, I no longer wear glasses. But the 20/20 line on the eye chart is blurry. I can make it out only if I squint, and it takes about a minute to read. My doctor views this as proof of the surgery’s success.

The above story is from a woman who had eye surgery, and the true story was published after her doctor put it down as being a success ,, did it go on the record as such? As for that matter, there is no national data base to record failures on !! So where do they get the 94 percent success rate? From the woman above?, from me? Horrible system when so many of us can be harmed and these types of doctors keep on going
Protect yourselves,, do not go to these greedy money hungry butchers.. My experience was with Dr Porter and Dr Downing at the Downing McPeak vision center, here in Bowling Green , this is the main body of it. I know what she means, see when I went to Dr Porter , he also told me my surgery was a sucess !! And that the vision would improve,, etc yada yada yada,, then went to one of the owners of the center Dr Downing who tried to " improve " my outcome , which at least they were admitting that I had gotten cme and now my vision went from 20/40 to 20/100 with the likelihood of getting worse !! Not what I consider success Porter and Downing are in Bowling Green KY ,surgery at Glasgow,, at a center they own so that they can be even more greedy and cover up their mistakes even more easily !!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

More people die each month from medical mistakes than died on Sept 11,2001. Each and every month.
Now when you add in the thousands that are harmed in a life altering way, but don't die. the numbers are staggering! When people see a doctor they expect that they are being cared for, that the doctor would put their health and well being above all else. After all, these guys supposedly took an oath , right?
Not true, these people are looking out for number 1, and its time that we as patients do the same. We must quit thinking of doctors as the good guys, they are sometimes, greedy, in debt, drunkards, uncaring , etc,, and they can put on a smile and fool you, I know because I have had this kind of doctor !! And my life will never be the same, that is why I tell you, be careful !

Who makes sure that these guys do no harm? nobody,, Who inspects in case of patient claiming doctor did something wrong? Other doctors, and keep in mind that when doctors were questioned about whether they had seen another doctor under perform, most had, yet most did not report the doctor !!!!!! They tend to cover up for one another!

It is estimated that 200,000 people a year have either wrong site surgery or wrong surgery, there is no clear national data base on these figures.
When seeing an eye doctor ( especially in Bowling Green , KY ) , if they want to perform a surgery or procedure, get a second opinion OUTSIDE of that doctors circle !!!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving,, are you thankful for your doctor?

In scanning the internet for articles I ran across one article detailing how harvard business school students are calling upon one another to sign a pledge of ethics as they prepare to go out into the business world. Grant you, only 20 percent had signed the pledge, but oh, at least 20 percent have started with the right idea!!

Doctors are suppose to pledge integrity, honesty, to do no harm, right? Well, I don't know how they are talking themselves into believing they are ethical, when in fact,they are greedy ( yes, you know who you are ) but I wonder if they have any higher rate of even starting out believing they could be ethical than the 20 percent of Harvard? Or did they start out thinking,, hmm,, lets do all the surgeries we can, whether good for patient or not, and line our pockets?
I came across a possible answer in an article recently about doctors and their ethics,, it went like this
" Do you think you will walk into a car lot and have the salesman tell you that you do not need a new car ?" Well,, do ya?
And that is why we as patients need to stay informed, not blindly trusting, or you may end up like me,, more blind, but not trusting,,
To the doctors, Downing and Porter,,,,,,,,,,,,, have you checked your ethics lately? well, have you?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Differential Diagnosis Method

Doctors are SUPPOSED to learn this early on, basically it is taking into account the underlying conditions that could cause a problem.. Taking shortcuts often prove to be detrimental to the patient , in an extreme case, one day in the hospital an elderly woman fell, hitting her head, the doctor spoke on the phone to the nurse, decided that the woman had only abrasions .
The woman over the next few hours got worse, tests were ordered too late, she died, the actual cause of the problem was bleeding inside , compressing the brain, had the doctor looked for the reasons for the fall, possible injuries from the fall etc, this woman may not have died.

In my case, had Dr Porter at Downing McPeak vision center, considered the underlying problem, which I repeatedly told him I had RP. he would have realized that the symptoms he thought were caused by a cataract, were actually caused from my original condition RP, he would have saved me from going through the rest of my life with compromised vision, from the headaches, from my vision declining , and a host of other problems,, but whether he didn't use the correct method in making his diagnosis, or whether he only sought the money from being able to put one more surgery under his belt? I may never know,, but from doing extensive research into why this happened to me,, I do know that had I went to a better doctor, this would have never happened to me,, so be careful out there, make sure your doctor has looked at the possible causes of your problem before you end up with your health in worse shape just so your doctor can line his pockets ....