Saturday, June 13, 2009

McClown and Sneering Aarons Little Shop Of Horrors

As some of you know, I have a condition called RP that brings on some problems, for me my biggest problem was peripheral vision and night blindness, I actually had fairly good distant vision and near vision,, I say had , because then I went to the Downing and McPeak Vision center for a routine pressure check, Dr Porter then told me I had to have surgery, but it was alright, he had done plenty, never a problem, and I would see great afterwards, I told him my near vision was dear to me as I loved to read and couldn't drive anymore because of peripheral, I asked if he had handled people with my condition , oh yeah,, was the answer, never a problem, I walked in with very good near vision and around 20/40 distant, I walked out with no near vision and worse than 20/100 , then Dr Downing was gonna fix it right? Well no, what he actually did was a procedure with a laser that put me at even more risk to lose even more vision, so now I may get even worse vision due to the surgery and the procedure. or let me tell you a story...........
A little old lady one day was driving along in her fiat car when she decided to have the air checked in her tires, she pulled up to the neighborhood mechanic shop, parked under their sign that read Mc Clown and Sneering Arrons Little Shop of Horrors, come on in. So she went in and asked to have her air checked, Sneering Aaron told her that she really needed her lug bolts tightened, ( thats how they made all their big money, tightening everyones lug bolts at any excuse ) she asked ,, " are you sure? I just wanted my air checked " Sneering Aaron, dreaming of all the things he was going to buy this year , said " oh yes, you have to it might be dangerous if you don't " so she reminded him that she had a Fiat and her fiat was 1 in 10,000 cars that had to have lug bolts turned the opposite way than other cars, Sneering Aaron assured her that he was a professional, he knew that of course, not a problem,,, here sign this , lets go, so she got in line at the assembly plant with all the regular cars, zippppppppppp,,, zzziiiiiipppppppppp,,, move up one place,, zzziiiipppp,, zzzipppp move up one space, as they ran hundreds of fords through the line, she again reminded them she had a special car when she got to the front of the line,, oh yeah,, no problem,, zzziiipppp,,,, zzziiiippppp,,, as she left, her wheels fell off, making her wreck her car and leaving her unable to walk from the wreck,,, she tried to go back and get help, the owner Mr. McClown told her, oh no, its not a wheel problem, its a gas problem,, I'll help,, where as he continued to put sugar in the gas tank,,, leaving the little old lady still crippled and the car no good. When she again complained, they told her to move along, she was holding up the assembly line, it wasn't their fault, it was hers for driving a fiat when everyone else had a ford.
Distraught, crippled and with no car, when she tried to tell her story to others, they tried to shut her up, that was when she noticed there were a few other fiats left by the side of the road, but the assembly line moved so quickly , they were never noticed and when the owners tried to complain , they were shut up quickly with threatening letters from lawyers, never an apology, never taking responsibility, McClown and Sneering Aaron, just went right along moving the assembly line along with unsuspecting cars, and dreaming of all the goodies they could buy with their ill gotten gains. zzziiippppp,,, ziiiippppp


  1. Did you have LASIK after cataract surgery or what type of laser put you at a higher risk of losing your vision? I know that there is a laser after cataract surgery that my mom had to remove scar tissue, I am confused because you write so much about LASIK ? I know that when her doctor explained the laser after cataract basically there was less than one percent of any type of risk. Why are yours greater? Not just your RP? Lots of people have retina issues. I hope that you will make comments visible to others also because I think that a blog spot is made as an open discussion, bad and good, that is my opinion.

  2. 1..No I didn't have lasik, I had another procedure done using a laser
    2. got cystoid macula edema from the cataract surgery , I was high risk because I have retinitis pigmentosa and the laser put me at a much higher risk with having CME , making it worse.
    3. Yes, lots of people have retina issues, unfortunately, I don't have retina issues, I have retinitis pigmentosa which is a rare condition
    4. At first I had comments immediately post, then one of Downings flunkies made innappropriate remarks, and since anyone ,even children could stuble across this spot, I thought it better to check comments for content before posting


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