Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vision Professionals Promises

We all know that many organizations put out promises that they cannot possibly keep, we expect that from late night infomercials, what we do not expect are those promises coming from doctors. Oh they are going to deny that they " promised " anything, yet they do , from what they tell you to what they advertise, I am still seeing advertisements about Tiger Woods having lasik surgery, course they are not telling you that he has had to have more procedures from his vision " slipping " there was another not so famous golfer who also had the procedure, he wasn't so lucky, they haven't been able to fix his vision after his first surgery " slipped "
I noticed on the Downing and McPeak website, under the lasik , it claims " a lifetime of benefits " yeah, right,, uh, they are not telling you that for one, there hasn't been a " lifetime " of study about lasik yet, and from the length of time it has been studied, it is understood by professionals that even if you have wonderful results to start with, it is not uncommon for those results to diminish over time! False advertisement? Even the FDA had held meetings a few years back with many unsatisfied customers of lasik that wanted them to demand more " truth " from doctors over this, the FDA did come out with rules that were supposed to make theses vision centers stop advertising what they couldn't produce, and to have to put out the risks along with these so called benefits, but many ignore it, get by with it, are not reported, etc, so we still have these places touting " lifetime benefits " and having " testimonials from customers who think it is great, course, they may not think it is great in a few years !!
Like any infomercial on tv Downing and crew are telling the public, they have been awarded some kind of " gold " award ,, ok,, lets see,,, who awarded them this? TLC,,, now TLC is a lasik mill with a twist, basically, they rent doctors like Downing, these excimer machines, and any other assistance they want such as training on the machines, etc,, TLC is also a failing company so they are doing whatever they can to keep their heads above water, will they be cutting costs on such things as maintenance on machines etc?
And lets talk about these machines themselves, Downing advertises them as being " approved " and the " gold standard " in other words ,, the newest things going. The last newest machine going was advertised as " ladarvision " a few years after they were out, it was found that these machines malfunctioned leaving patients with many problems, so lets hope for the sake of the patients on this " new " machine that the kinks are worked out,, but are you willing to bet your vision on it?

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