Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Owning Up

" God heals and the doctor takes the fee "
Benjamin Franklin

Owning up, sounds simple right? Millions of honest, good people do it everyday when they make mistakes, they own up to it. If you read the articles on drug addiction or alcoholism, first step? Own up to it, admit it, and move on.
As a society, aren't we giving mixed signals? It often seems that those who don't own up , get by with it.
Politicians, don't own up to it, they make excuses, twist words, blame someone else, but rarely do they admit to something.
Criminals, they are given advice by their lawyers to keep mouths shut, don't say a word, don't admit anything, and I guess that is good legal advice, but not good for society, doesn't that just teach people to keep on lying, cheating and doing wrong?
After looking through the medical journals and Dept of Justice and such online, they tell you that they think a certain percentage of doctors do not admit mistakes, or cover up mistakes, they think that a certain percentage of doctors commit insurance and medicare billing fraud, but they know they only catch a small percentage of what actually goes on.

How many people are harmed by doctors mistakes that never even know that their injury was caused by a mistake, or carelessness, they are given an excuse for their injury, not told that oops, cut a muscle accidentally, or, oops should not have had that second martini at lunch.

We should be able to respect Doctors, to hold them in high esteem, but until they start " owning up " we can't. There are certain careers that only the totally honest should go into, Judges, Doctors, Politicians, Policemen, where human life is at stake, where lives are changed for good or bad by their actions.
I believe in karma, what goes around , comes around, but in the short run, you still want people to own up ,, NOW.

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