Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zen, Buddhism, Karma, Do your doctors beliefs endanger you?

In discussing Dr. Downings seemingly endless court dates coming up , I questioned whether with this many court proceedings, could Dr Downing have the start of dementia? A person involved with one of the cases told me that he didn't think so, that the man seemed to know exactly what to avoid telling the truth on etc,,,, well, possibly, course with the start of dementia , a person can be in his right mind most of the time and just have a few moments of " out there " after all, a few moments here and there would certainly be enough to mess up some peoples eyesight!! But there is another possibility that could explain some of his actions.
Could a persons beliefs end up in harming a patient? Dr Downing belongs to a universal unitarian church, where it seems that they believe in nothing or something, doesn't matter, where the Jesus was just a historical figure, the bible , an old book, but they don't care if a few members believe in it, or not, everything goes,, Downing happens to believe in Buddha, he runs a little Zen circle there, basic belief seems to be that you meditate to achieve enlightenment so that you can stop being reincarnated over and over and reach nirvana. Evidently you do this through meditation, you meditate yourself right into believing that everything is karma, nothing is your fault etc. The same basic thing used to happen to people in the 60's who used LSD, in fact that is where a lot of the Buddhist got started in this country, they used meditation to reach hallucinatory state of mind instead of LSD, which brings us to what does hours of meditation do to a person?

If you deprive the mind of outside stimulus and concentrate on nothingness long enough, you basically, trip, you hallucinate, and through Buddhism, you make yourself believe that it is " enlightenment " or in the words of psychologists " Meditation and/or sensory deprivation. When the brain lacks external stimulation to form perceptions, it may form hallucinatory perceptions. "

If you want to see what the famous Timothy Leary from the 60's had to say on the subject, be my guest, all this just seems like an ego trip for these people who don't want to believe that their 1960's drug experiments were wasted.

Using LSD to Imprint the Tibetan-Buddhist Experience by Dr. Timothy Leary, Ph.D.

A Buddhists Quote
"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease "

Now, I get it, if a doctor harms you, if he believes in buddhism, its not his fault, it is your bad karma!!!!

If you start reading into this quackery, they will tell you such little tidbits such as if you do not " intend : to harm someone, you are innocent, and that you are to feel no guilt etc,,,,, course there are many parts of buddhism that tell you basically , treat others how you want to be treated, but like all " religions " ( I use that loosely, since they seem to believe in nothing except themselves and buddha } the followers take the parts they want and twist the parts they don't .

But,, if the mental health experts are right and meditation basically makes you have hallucinations ( and we aren't talking about 5 minute relaxation techniques ) then couldn't a doctor in this state of mind be detrimental to his patients?

hmmmm,, I'll have to chant a while and think on that ( smile )


  1. Well if Buddism is correct the karma that is coming to you will be unbearable for all the terrible things that you have broadcasted over the internet at these two men. You might want to rethink your stragedy because the Gods may punish you ! Look out.....

  2. ahhh,, I see we have another believer,, it is my fault that I went to the Downing McPeak vision center and walked out with my vision worse than twice what it was!!! Sorry kiddo,,not buying it, karma didn't operate on my eye, karma didn't cause my vision in that eye to go from 20/40-50 to worse than 20/100, Karma didn't develope cme from the operation, etc etc nope,, the name wasn't karma, the names were Dr Aaron Porter and Dr John Downing


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