Tuesday, July 7, 2009

R. I. P. Michael Jackson

It cannot be denied that Michael Jackson was THE talent of our lifetime.
With all the controversy, some deserved I am sure and much not deserved, this generation has lost the most talented man we have ever seen, and I was never a huge huge fan, but nobody could see the videos, hear the music and not appreciate the talent , hard work and dedication that went into his work. I can hope that the press will cut him some slack now that he is gone, accusations that were never proven, eccentricities that were maybe well earned and tragedy that should have made one empathetic not made fun of.

That said, there are way too many talented performers, actors and celebrities who leave this earth too soon because of uncaring, greedy doctors who are out there prescribing what they know is too much, too often, Anna Nicole Smith, Elvis, Ledger, now Michael, there is no excuse for these doctors. While I was lucky in comparison, the harm caused me when I went to Dr Downing and Dr Porter " only " caused harm to my eyes, all these doctors who prescribe , whether it be drugs or unwarranted surgery, should be stopped ,we as a nation must stop this corruption in our Health Care System...

We must start demanding real health care, not greed and destruction, we must report those doctors who destroy lives to fill their pockets, who cheat the taxpayers and harm patients so they can enjoy bigger houses, better vacations, and multi million dollar lifestyles at our expense.
If you know of a doctor who has committed fraud through over billing, up coding , unwarranted testing and surgery, who has taken advantage of us all , turn them in, report to the medical boards, report to FBI, file complaints, call medicare, speak out, if you have the proof against these kind, you can file a Qui Tam, and receive part of the recovered funds yourself, talk to a lawyer, take action,,,,,,,,, and like MJ wanted, we can build a better world.

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