Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update Prism Glasses for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Thought I would share some information that a person emailed me, it seems that her husband has RP, was fitted with prism glasses years ago, and they worked excellent for him.
Unfortunately, the doctor moved , etc, and there are hardly any that will take the time to do this correctly for patients.
She did tell me she had heard of 2 that did it, Doctor Nicolas Ritz in Texas and Dr Peli from Harvard. Evidently the exam to get these done right is very lengthy, couple of hours, so of course those doctors who are running surgery mills ( I think you may have heard of a couple here ) are not interested in helping us see better if it takes time and they can make the " easy " money doing unnecessary surgeries on others quickly.
Of course I believe that Dr Peli is the one who is now doing clinical trials for a special lens that will help another category of peripheral problems but hopes that it leads to helping RP patients also.
Thanks to the lady in Florida , and hopefully if anyone else had experience with these, email me, we all need to connect the dots ourselves with who are the good doctors, where they are etc.
Even with my horrible experience with eye docs who are more interested in getting rich than they are in actually helping people see, even at the expense of harming patients, I believe, I hope, I pray, that there are good, honest , caring doctors out there who will try to help people, we just need to find them, so if you know of one, let me know, I will pass it along.
Thanks to all who are passing along information.

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