Sunday, May 31, 2009

federal Trade Commission Compalaints On Lasik

I am becoming a true advocate of patients rights, after having been duped, lied to and personally harmed by a physicians failure to disclose information to me, among other things they did wrong, I feel like it is an absolute must to receive proper information.
Those who keep insisting on " fooling " their patients by not telling the truth about the risks of such procedures as lasik must be dealt with.
The FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ) deals with misleading and false advertisements , they have an online complaint form, or you may download it and send it in, to report such fraudsters such as lasik physicians. You may do so with or without revealing information about yourself.

What is false advertisement?
According to the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) physicians, vision centers , lasik centers and others , must include the RISKS of lasik surgery when they advertise.
For example, I visited the Downing and McPeak vision center website, low and behold, I found testimonials about how great lasik was, but no disclosure on the risks , this would seem to be in violation of the FDA ruling, you look for yourself and then let me know if you find the same.
Too often patients are given the " oh how great it is " spiel without being informed of the risks to themselves, more and more patients are reporting loss of vision, blindness and lifetime problems because of this procedure, but they are not given the information on the risks so that they may make an informed decision, everyone must work on insuring patient safety.
Be diligent, report these fraudsters to the proper authorities!!

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