Monday, May 18, 2009

How I lost my eye sight

You just decide one day that you are over due to have your eye pressure checked . Simple right? You call the most well known eye care place in town, for me it was Downing and McPeak vision center.
I even asked about which doc would be best since I have a previous eye condition, even though all I wanted was a pressure check up.

Well, it all went down hill from there, the receptionist said she would make me an appointment with a Dr Porter since he also had a medical license.
I kept telling Dr Porter and then his assistant that my near vision is very dear to me as with the RP, I can't drive, so the up close things are the important things to me, I like to read, I like to cook and I to shop.
Of course they waited until after I had my eyes dilated to bring out the forms, forms that I could not now see, take it from me, NEVER sign forms that you cannot see, somehow insurance forms mysteriously turned into forms saying I had seen a video ( I had never seen anyone in the place watching a video during any of my visits )

After being told that I had to have surgery, I asked the " right " questions, did he have experience, patients, with RP, was there any problems with surgery because I had RP, told yes, experience, yes had rp patients, no never a problem,,, course now I found out I was high risk for surgery, should have had extra days pre-op, should have made sure cataract was causing problems and not the rp, should have been told the risks, and on and on,,, but I didn't know then.
Believe me, records can be changed, notes " added" and no records of course ,when they tell you about having experience with a certain problem.
You want the straight truth when you go to see your eye doctor? Take a recorder, betcha they tell it different if they know it is being recorded!!!
Sadly , that is your best protection .

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