Monday, May 18, 2009

Dr Porter, after cataract sirgery

After the cataract surgery I had " post op " visits with Dr Porter, I kept telling him that I couldn't see very well, what was going on, he kept assuring me that maybe I had a little swelling etc, not to worry, On the last visit to his office, he finally did admit that I would never get my near vision back ( I hadn't been told that cataract surgery robs you of any vision, only that it was supposed to improve your vision ) , he never did really admit that my distant vision was far worse than it had been, but had the gall to just start talking about wanting to do another procedure on the first eye and set up a date to do the second eye!!!! I asked him was the swelling down, was there any medical reason to have to come back? He said yes, I was fine, and no, no real reason to have to come back other than scheduling the next eye. I told him since he said I was " fine " I would not be coming back, I could not see, and that I sure wasn't letting him touch my other eye. ( unfornuately, he had messed up the eye with the best vision )

I went home and cried, it has been 18 months since I have been to the Downing and McPeak office, and I still can't talk about this or even write it without tearing up, you do not realize how much you value your sight until some doctor takes it, I told you in an earlier post that I loved to read, cook and shop? Not so much anymore, I need a magnifyer to do the simplest things, I can't see the price tags on anything when I am shopping without magnifying it, I can't see a recipe to cook, and what I had loved to do since I was young was to read , mostly fiction, now it takes forever to read a simple book with magnifying glasses and can't read for very long at that because I get headaches and my eyes tire.

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