Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am a Downing McPeak vision center disaster

Don't let this happen to you!!!!!

Routine eye exam ruined my vision!

Before you ever let a doctor perform any laser , operation or almost anything, get a second opinion, and if you have any, any , special circumstances at all, see a specialist in that field!!! Double check every word , every procedure, look up the procedure, look up the doctors record.

I went in to see a Dr. Porter for a routine exam, after being talked into an operation that I shouldn't have had, I have ended up with my right eye vision going from a 20/40 -20/50 to worse than a 20/100 !!!!!!!! And left with a condition that very well make continue to make my vision worse!!!!

Always question your doctor about everything, although I thought I had asked the right questions, and to this day , I believe that he misled me, I should have questioned even more, never take it for granted that your doctor is putting your best interest above his wallet.
I have been told that it cannot be reversed, tried to clear up the complications from the surgery, couldn't.
A tech that performs tests on the machine that is supposed to tell what strength lens to implant, told me that they most likely did not set the machine for my condition, leaving me with the wrong strength lens, which is like having a permanent pair of glasses on that you can't take off, but is the wrong prescription, and cannot be replaced with the correct prescription.

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