Saturday, May 16, 2009


Don't be a victim, when harm is done to you, or when you are over charged, when a wrong needs to be righted,, use all your avenues to gain the upper hand. Talk to your government representatives, talk to the people over the ones who have harmed you, keep going up the ladder.
Time does matter, there are time constraints if you are pursuing legal action, I know what happens, you get depressed and mope around and don't do anything, time runs out, you get caught up trying to find help to fix the problem, time runs out.
Get in a closet, scream ,yell, then come out and take action!
Find a friend who will keep your spirits high, have a laugh and give you encouragement.
Use the web, get the word out, find out your options, newspapers, the law, the BBB, whatever professional organization that can be involved, medical boards, health organizations, start a whole campaign in which you decide to empower yourself against whomever has caused you to be a victim!

Good Luck !

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