Friday, June 5, 2009

Dr Downing and court cases?


Dr. Downing seems to be getting rather busy ,,, in court that is.

Sparks vs Downing is coming up in warren co this month, 6/22
Anyone have any news on that one, want to hear from you, I believe that is the one where the poor woman had to have her cornea replaced after going to Downing and McPeak? Or so the claim goes, after all, the case isn't settled yet.

Of course since the Downing and McPeak vision center has not only and office in Bowling green , but a surgical center in Glasgow, and I believe offices in Allen county, franklin, ky,,, Christian county? the court cases seem to be spread out, listed cases that Downing and McPeak, Dr Downing will be involved in after the Sparks case, are Martin in Allen co
McMurray in Barren
Ogburn in Christian
Khamsay,, in warren co
One case is no longer listed in warren co that a gentleman was suing, anyone know what happened at that case?
Email me with information on the above cases and I will update !

On another note, its interesting how these vision centers operate, Downing and McPeak, well, really, isn't any McPeak at least anymore, shareholders only list the doctors including Downing. So they are all really chummy as far as having an interest in protecting one another, and then there are a couple , Porter for one who evidently also have an interest in the anesthesiology at the surgical center, .
Of course everything is done under an LLC ( limited liability corp ) which further protects them in case they get caught doing some very bad things. Then Dr Downing also owns or has major interest in a couple of other things, Barren River Investments,, and something called, SARASWATI Leasing,,, Saraswati is a strange name, in Hindu ( I believe Dr Downing used to be a buddhist ) means Goddess of Intellect,, Might be something to all this Buddhist business, seems that karma may be catching up.

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