Thursday, June 4, 2009

Refractive Surgery and Infection

Have you done all your homework on lasik surgery yet?
Do you know how your surgery center rates on infection?
If you live in Kentucky , then you might not know, there is legislation pending about vision surgical centers having to report rates of infection, but it isn't quite in place yet.

There are things you can do to find if your choice of surgical center has had a problem with infections, you can ask, you might not get the truth from them though. You can look up your local doctors that you are going to use and see what kind of lawsuits they have had lately. Here in Bowling Green there isn't much information online, you can find where the local doctor might have a lawsuit , but not much on previous, and even on lawsuits going on at the time you will only find names, dates, not content, but surgery is a very big decision, so, go the extra length, put out the effort, it is your health.
How to do it?

For example,,,, write down the names of the doctors in the vision center where you are going ,, say,, Downing and McPeak, you would write down all the doctors names with practices there, Downing, Porter, Etc etc, go to the justice center and ask to see all cases in the past year or two, three, on the center itself, the doctors themselves, and now this is important, READ the content of the lawsuits, see where charges are made of infections, dirty instruments, etc,, it will be in the contents.

Infection in the surgical site ( EYES ) can cause extreme problems.
Anything from discomfort, to blindness, to needing cornea transplants ( )
To read up on this further try these links

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