Saturday, July 18, 2009

secondary cataract, " after cataract " and yag laser

Someone asked me the other day about having a " after cataract " which is after you have cataract surgery and many months , even years later , a clouding of the lens can occur and the surgeon will use a yag laser to basically puncture a hole in it and the cloudiness clears up.

This of course, along with many, many other things was never explained to me. After Dr Porter at Downing McPeak performed the cataract surgery on me, it was only a couple of weeks until he was claiming that I had " scarring " and he needed to perform a laser procedure. Of course at that point I had figure out that he had messed up my vision and I would not have allowed him to do anything else, well,, when head honcho, Dr Downing asked me to let him see if he could examine me and see if he could do something to restore my vision , the first visit I asked him whether I had scarring, he said no. After a couple of more visits, he then claimed that I had scarring and he needed to perform yag laser procedure , I reminded him that he had said I had no scarring and he said, well, I didn't have " much " before,, being desperate for help, I believed him and let him do the laser procedure for " scarring " Nobody ever used the correct wording for the procedure, had I been told the correct word for it, I would never have allowed Dr Downing to do that, since it would be highly unlikely to have an after cataract so soon, I would have gotten a second opinion. I only saw the correct name on the papers after I requested my records, to this day, I do not believe that I had an " after cataract " and I believe that the procedure was done on me to make sure that I would never be able to prove that Dr Porter was trying to get me to agree to yet another procedure, surgery, that was not needed, this procedure put me at even more risk to lose more of my vision.

Seriously people, record your doctors visits, then get the records of the visits, and seriously think about getting second opinions for procedures, also ,,, RESEARCH your condition and RESEARCH the procedures that these kinds of doctors want to perform on you, it is too late after you have lost your vision.

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