Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Many Times Has Your Eye Doctor Been Sued?

I had already written about Downing McPeak Eye Center being familiar with the court system , as it seems that they have been spending much time in court. Of course we also know that most of the time people don't bring lawsuits, or , lawyers don't take lawsuits because it is so expensive to get justice against corrupt doctors in court, and then there are the many many times that doctors settle out of court, sealed records and part of the settlement includes agreements that the offended party may not disclose anything, so most often people do not know what their eye doctors have been up to.
Don't expect that the Medical Board of your state is going to keep an eye on these guys, after all , it is like having the fox watch the hen house.
Take the case of an ophthalmologist in Chicago, he had 50 malpractice suits against him, finally the authorities looked into it and of course found that he was indeed a very bad doctor, too bad about those people who were harmed by him before something was finally done. If 50 suits were filed against him, you can bet that he messed up many more people than that.

We need to start demanding more open records in the medical field, no more secret settlements , Its hard enough to determine who is the good guys from the bad when we have doctors who are lying to us in order to perform surgeries and line their pockets, at least if the settlements were out in the open , some people would be warned and therefor their health/vision saved.
If our officials were to demand that ALL settlements be reported, and that state medical boards be required to post all filed lawsuits, then maybe some people wouldn't have to go through what I have, losing your vision because of doctors who just care about lining their pockets at the expense of someone being blind the rest of their lives is not health care, it is health fraud.

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