Thursday, July 30, 2009

So, You Still Trust Your Doctor?

By now you know about my personal experience at Downing McPeak vision center in Kentucky.
I have posted about various doctors being caught performing unnecessary surgeries, in fact, statistics show that cataract surgery is one of the top surgeries performed unnecessarily.
I have written about doctors who cheat and scam the insurance companies, steal from Medicare, to chase those bucks that give them the luxuries they crave.
I have shown you where doctors will settle cases out of court , with the signed agreements that it never be disclosed, so even if you search to find out how many times they have been sued, you will never find the true amount of times.
I have personally seen , sloppiness, uncleanliness, lying, and every trick in the book to fool people into surgeries they should not have, and without the information given to them that they should have, I have seen doctors who are supposed to be upstanding citizens , who supposedly do charity work, go to other countries to " help " ( of course lots of that are free vacations with many tax write offs and some pay )
All of the above and more trickery than you can imagine, has lined the doctors pockets, left people with worse health, and left our health care system in shambles.
Hopefully this administration will finally put through health care for all people, and along with that hopefully , some oversight that will protect us from those doctors who care more about their wallets and less about your health, but in the end, it is up to the individual to protect themselves, don't blindly trust your doctor, research, research , research, then get second opinion, take someone with you that will have a clear head and listen, tape record your visit and listen to it later.
And,,,,, REPORT those doctors who cheat, steal and lie.

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