Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cystoid Macular Edema, The Help I Didn't Get

To recap , my situation was that Dr Porter told me I had to have cataract surgery, I in turn asked him if he had experience with RP and if there were any problems with having the surgery with RP, he told me he had RP patients ( now I know that is doubtful ) and told me there were never any complications ( now I know that RP patients are high risk ) So I thought I had no choice and I had the surgery, the vision in my " good " eye went from 20/40 to 20/100 plus. The head of Downing Mcpeak Vision Center , Dr Downing then asked that I come in and let him see if he could " fix " my vision, ( he fixed it alright, he talked me into another procedure that caused even more of the CME )

After Downing telling me he would help me and didn't, I have now found out that he could have, there were several things that he could have done, evidently they were more interested in covering their , you know whats . I posted once about how he could have done an implant called Retisert, ( Guess he would rather have left me blind than to have put out the money for that since it would have been about 50,000) I have also now found out that for people who do not respond to the steroid and nsaid drops , system steroids are helpful, of course I wasn't offered that either which should not be that expensive, guess my eyesight to them also isn't worth a few bucks. Several things that could have been done, including repositioning or replacing the IOL, which needed to be done anyway since the wrong powered lens was implanted into my eye by Dr Porter.
On top of being upset that I am still losing vision because of the dastardly deeds, I am also disappointed in the inhumanity of people who are supposed to be in the profession of helping people and yet only seem to be helping themselves!!
That is why we, as a society, must all work together to stop these greedy, uncaring and reckless doctors! We can start by reporting bad doctors to state medical boards, we can write our representatives and demand better health care, and we can make sure they are not cheating the insurance and medicare systems like so many of them seem to be, report them when you know they are billing for services not done, or upcoding , or performing unwarranted procedures etc, you can do this directly, or you can do it by filing a Qui Tam suit with a lawyer, if you file a Qui Tam suit , you will be entitled to a percentage of those fraudulently acquired funds, often large amounts, and be a patriotic hero!!

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