Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your Doctor or Your Insurance?

Has your doctor given you the choices in caring for your eyes, or your health ? Is he considering what is best for you, or is just considering what the insurance will pay?
I have found that there were choices out there that may have helped me, they were cutting edge medicine that of course my insurance most likely would not have paid, but I wasn't even given the information, nor the choice. By the time they figured out why my vision had went from 20/40 to above 20/100 my dr,, Dr Downing ( he had offered to try to restore my sight that was lost when Dr Porter messed up my vision ) , he had offered to try to restore my sight at no cost, so that may have been on his mind when he didn't' tell me about some of the new cutting edge , one I had mentioned in an earlier article, was costly, one they are talking about now is ECT,, Encapsulated Cell Technology, has been helping people with AMD and RP.

Why are the doctors not telling us about the medicines, the procedures that will help us, only suggesting procedures that put us at risk for lost sight and then do not follow through to help us regain our eye sight?
Sure, cost is a factor for most people unless you are Donald Trump, but given the information and the choice, I could have saved a bundle that I had to spend trying to get cured of the cystoid macular edema that I developed from Dr Porters surgery, and tried to raise the rest of it for something that would have helped my sight!!! Now I am that much further behind without any benefit!!!
It seems that most of the doctors today are lining their pockets with quick supposedly easy procedures and not really taking care of the patient. Even when they are the ones who have degraded your health to begin with!!! Yes we need health care reform, sure wish we could get doctor reform along with it.

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