Tuesday, August 25, 2009

GREED, the Oath of the Hypocrits

Doctors take an oath, one that is supposed to be honorable , humanitarian and reinforce the ethics of the profession. What happened? GREED. GREED GREED
I have tried to warn people, do not trust your doctor, question , review, research, get second opinions, do everything that you can to make sure that the treatment you are getting is actually what you need to get. I have told some of my story on here, I have lost much of my eyesight by trusting doctors that I should not have trusted! I still suffer from a condition that very well may make me lose more of my sight, even to being totally blind! I have pointed out what they could have done to help me after the original mess made of my vision, yet they cared only about their covering up, their wallets, not about their patient. Learn from my mistakes, take someone with you, record the doctors words, research.
By now most of the world has learned that Michael Jackson died from a lethal dose given to him by a doctor, while there has been no trial yet, the logical conclusion that one can draw is that the doctor wanted to keep drawing big money so against common sense, he gave his patient something that killed him because of greed, he wanted to keep getting the gravy money.
If you still doubt that doctors, yes, even your friendly , smiling, local doc, can actually have greed on his mind more than your interest, here are some excerpts from a news investigatory show called American Greed,

The Practice
Dr. Michael Rosin has a lucrative Sarasota, Florida dermatology practice. He specializes in Mohs Surgery, a highly effective procedure for skin cancer. He performs dozens of surgeries on his Medicare patients and builds a multi-million dollar practice.
The Suspicious Patient
Ellen Murray has a history of skin cancers. She seeks help from Dr. Rosin. During a period of seven years, he continually finds more cancer and performs more surgeries. Murray becomes suspicious. She takes her biopsy slides to an outside laboratory. The results are shocking.
The Office Manager
Carolyn Ferrara suspects the worst when patients continually undergo cancer surgery... one person had 122 procedures! Ferrara joins Murray in blowing the whistle on a mild-mannered doctor and his outrageous pattern of abuse.American Greed profiles a multi-million dollar health care fraud!http://www.cnbc.com/id/27087326/

American Greed," a new series on CNBC, explores the worlds of scams, cons and schemes. In Episode #5, the story of a murderous Chicago doctor who bilked Medicare for more than a million
"American Greed," a new series on CNBC, explores the worlds of scams, cons and schemes. In Case 2 of Episode #3, a doctor takes advantage of desperate patients and sticks insurance companies for millions
And then there are the statistics

Up to a third of medical treatments are unnecessary. Estimated excess cost: $50 billion annually. -- One in eight doctors owns a health-care business to which he refers patients. His patients get more tests than do patients in general. Estimated excess cost: $140 million annually. -- Up to 40% of surgical claims are misbilled by doctors, increasing their % fees. Estimated excess cost: $6 billion annually.( the figure is actually higher now, this was an old article )

Do the world a favor, if you know of a doctor who is scamming, misbilling, over prescribing, doing unnecessary surgeries, etc, etc etc,,,, turn him in!!!!

Dr. Porter,,,, Dr. Downing,,, are you reading this??? Greed,, it is an awful thing, I may have to live blind, those responsible will have to live with guilt.

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