Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eye Surgeons Duty

(The physician has well established and firm responsibilities to his patient, including the responsibility for correctness in diagnosis, thoroughness of prognosis, and understanding in the evaluation of the patient's disability, needs and concerns. He is also responsible for completeness in informing and educating the patient regarding his disease and its potential treatment and the ultimate challenge in providing appropriate and competent treatment when the patient makes that elective choice.)
(The surgeon has the additional responsibility of providing or arranging for full time continuing care of the patient during the recovery period. This includes the responsibility to obtain consultations as appropriate, whether they be a second opinion for questionable diagnosis and prognosis, or for further evaluation of complications or disappointing responses to a therapeutic regimen.)
Other Preoperative Tests
Patients who have other ocular diseases in addition to cataract will benefit from additional testing during the pre-operative work up. These special tests may include:
- B-scan ultrasonography
- Computerized corneal topography
- Corneal pachymetry
- Electrophysiological tests
- External photography
- Fluorescein angiography
- Formal visual fields
- Gonioscopy
- Specialized color vision tests
- Tonography
Adequate testing,
of other diseases which are concurrently present in the cataract patient may be extremely important in the evaluation of the patient's prognosis
. Such tests may protect the patient from a disappointing result where the cataract is not the major cause of visual functional disability and may serve as a relative contraindication to surgical intervention
American College of Eye Surgeons
The above text was taken from the ACES, That is the Gold standard for eye surgeons, but what has happened to the field? Did they sleep through class? Did they get older and forget? Or did they just get so greedy that they didn't care? I go with the latter. These were just a FEW of the responsibilities that an eye surgeon has, yet, there I was, I had inadequate testing, I was not
told the risks, there was no consultation with a more informed specialists, nothing! This is but a few of the things that was lacking when I went to Downing McPeak center and first saw Dr Porter and then Dr Downing.
Don't let this happen to you, I am left with deteriorating sight, a condition that may take all my sight, and these guys took no responsibility for it. Take precautions, do your own research, do not rely on your eye doctors ethics, they may not have any.

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