Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wrong strength lens implanted, now what?

So part of my problem with seeing so badly now after having cataract surgery at Downing McPeak is that the wrong strength of lens has been implanted. If you can imagine going wearing the wrong strength eyeglasses , try it for a day, its horrible, but live with it everyday, it is a living he@@ .
Now in researching what I could do about that , since I already know that any further surgery could make my cystoid macular edema worse, which was a present from Dr Porter performing this horrible experiment on me, I did come across this information from a doctor.

Replacing, removing or exchanging an intra-ocular implant especially after it's been in the eye for a month or more is a "majorMajor operation
and in some cases more difficult than the original procedure. So it's only done in big problems where there is a large (say 4 diopter) mismatched power, where glasses or contacts will not correct the situation. For minor mismatched implants where the glasses prescription
is only a little off what was predicted by the formula most insurance companies and medicare will not pay and the removal is not justified due to the risks. JCH MD Eye physician & surgeons

So,,, if they had realized , or admitted , what had been done to me in the beginning, I had a better shot at getting it fixed?
Was it not wanting to admit the mistake? Was it fear that my insurance wouldn't dole out anymore money to fix their mistake? I don't know , but I know that some days I don't know how I can live like this, blurry, headaches, horrible, it is a horrible, horrible way to live, that is why I keep telling everyone, make sure you need the surgery, make sure your doctor knows what he is doing , get a second opinion, research it.

I don't know what I can do, which is why , I never want to see anyone have to go through this.
If anyone has had this part of my problem would like to know what they did, maybe glasses could correct some ? I am trying to save up now and go to see a GOOD retinal specialist who could advise me, maybe try the glasses, try to get the CME down some. It is a shame that not only can the average person not afford to hold these doctors accountable, heck, we can't even make them pay to fix what they mess up. well, they could never pay for messing up someones life, but they could have footed the bill for treatment of their mess.

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