Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yes Virginia , there is a Santa Clause,,,, BUT

there are also Scrooges!!!!

Thought I would get an early start on the winter. I have played some in an online game called yoville, virtual world where you work, play, buy things, and well,,, it really is lifelike, see, there are rude, greedy people and then there are nice , giving people there are more greedy ones, just like in real life.
I have seen some characters give gifts to others, only to be asked for more, or to be put down as " not good enough " Greed, its a horrible thing. It is also what is eating at the world of medicine.
We get these doctors who want to make the millions, while never caring if they have harmed someone, never trying to help when they can cover their mistakes up instead.
On Yoville, you can click off, in real life, you walk away with less sight, harmed, your life ruined, but the bad people are the same, , just one causes real harm and one doesn't.
We in part, have caused some of this, we put certain people on pedestals , Doctors, judges, police, and sometimes they harm us, and if they have enough money, they get out of being held accountable.
So Yes, Virginia, this Christmas, Santa will come, but watch your back for those evil scrooges, who do harm, Downing Scrooge and Porter Fudd, are always around the corner.

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