Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hypocrits? Better suited to Some Doctors than the Hippocratic oath

Yes, throughout the ages , Doctors have taken oaths that are SUPPOSED to give them absolute guidelines on what they must do to meet patients health needs.
Do no harm?? Give me a break, the only standard they seem to have today is to fill their pockets with money ill gotten from deceiving the patient into unwarranted surgeries!
This practice is much more widespread than many would think, documented by the government . Yet it keeps going on and on, with no thought to the patient.

They must be able to talk themselves into believing that it does no harm , otherwise, how could they sleep at night?

I saw on the news today where a gorilla was given an operation to save his sight, that at least was a warranted operation for I am sure that unlike my doctors, the gorillas doctor couldn't'
bilk the insurance company out of money!!
Maybe I should have went to a vet, in fact , I am sure I would have been better off going to a vet!!!!!!

Dr.s Downing and Porter? If you read this, could you tell me if you have ever , just once, had any thoughts to the Hippocratic oath?? Do you sleep well at night? Are you in denial about the pain and suffering you have caused? Are you enjoying your ill gotten gains?

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