Friday, September 25, 2009

Doctors and selfish Greed, Are You Safe????

I went to Downing and McPeak Eye Centers, for a routine check up only because I had not been for one in so long, after being rushed into allowing a surgery that later I found out was no rush, that I shouldn't have had, and which left my eyesight much much worse, with complications that could still lead me into total blindness, I question, Are all doctors this greedy? Will the majority of them lie about their experience just to get the thousands for the procedures? The articles I include below, tend to sway me towards yes! I have noticed that many of the things to look out for, if the eye center owns its own surgical center,, watch out,, if they are performing procedures outside of their area of expertise,, watch out,, this and many other signs point towards a doctor who may just be greedy.. I now know that Dr Downing and Dr Porter who performed procedures on me that were harmful, are in this category, they own the surgical center, they are out their for every buck they can from routine to plastic surgery, botox to laser !!!!!

Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the USCausing 225,000 Deaths Every Year
'Defensive Medicine' A Myth – It's Only Greed
Op-Ed Article
by Michael KoskoffThe Hartford Courant
July 12, 2009
With medical costs skyrocketing, doctors have come under close scrutiny for performing unnecessary surgery, tests and other procedures. Although ordering unnecessary procedures violates medical ethics, the American Medical Association and Connecticut doctors surprisingly admit to performing vast numbers of these procedures but place the blame on their patients, lawyers and malpractice laws.
According to these doctors, the culprit is what they call "defensive medicine."
We order these procedures to protect ourselves, the doctors argue. The procedures don't help the patient, but if we don't perform them we get sued.
In a Massachusetts study, 83 percent of doctors surveyed admitted to ordering unnecessary procedures and they estimated that 28 percent of their tests, referrals, and consultations and 13 percent of hospitalizations were unnecessary. If true, this is a disgrace to the medical profession.
Why is it legal? Untrained doctors perform plastic surgery
The ABC15 Investigators uncovered why doctors are allowed to perform procedures outside of their scope of practice and without proper training.
AP: In trying to rally support for health care overhaul, Obama described a patient who sees a physician for a sore throat, or a parent who brings in a child with a sore throat.
"Right now, doctors a lot of times are forced to make decisions based on the fee payment schedule that's out there. ... The doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, 'You know what? I make a lot more money if I take this kid's tonsils out,'" Obama told a prime-time news conference. The president added: "Now, that may be the right thing to do, but I'd rather have that doctor making those decisions just based on whether you really need your kid's tonsils out or whether it might make more sense just to change; maybe they have allergies. Maybe they have something else that would make a difference

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