Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lighting and Visual Problems

There is an RP site who has a little of everything, visual aids, explains the importance of lighting etc,, check it out at

Have you had the experience of being rushed through the doctors office, given testing in poor light, been dilated and all the while , the people doing this seem oblivious to the fact that people with low vision, or RP have different needs for lighting, it takes longer to adjust to dark rooms, to being dilated, etc.
I realize now that when I went to Downing McPeak and first saw Dr ( I use that term lightly ) Porter, he didn't have a clue as to the difference that RP has in just getting the correct testing done, maybe that is part of the reason I ended up with twice as bad of vision as I had when I went in. If he had taken more precautions, more time, I could have prevented at least the part of the problem, that ended with me having the wrong powered lens implanted, course, had he known enough to have been careful of this, I would have never been rushed into having the operation in the first place , thus saving my sight!!!
So ,, beware of being rushed through testing etc with bad lighting, before you have had a chance to adjust to the lighting, it takes longer for those of us with degenerative diseases, if your doctor does not take the time to do it right,, find another doctor!!!!!

We have enough problems without losing half my sight to these money hungry quacks !!! Take care.

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