Monday, November 2, 2009

How Clean is your Doctor???

With the Swine Flu upon us ,we are all thinking more in terms of making sure we wash our hands etc, yet I have mentioned it before that when I went to Dr Downings office and Dr Porters office at the Downing and McPeak vision center, I didn't see anyone cleaning anything, nope , patients would leave the machines and they would call the next one in, never cleaning it, I saw doctors in the hallway, on cell phones, shaking hands with people, after just having left one patient, and immediately go into the next room and treat patient,, this can be bad for you.

These types of practices can cause you many eye and vision problems, had I done this kind of research before going into that office, I would have left!!!!

I know we are all more aware of these things because of flu season, but we need to be aware of these things from these types of quacks ALL the time!!!!!

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