Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Updates coming!!

I haven't added any news to this site for a while now, partly, I have been busy, partly I have been discouraged, and partly I have been depressed.
Depression can drag you down and make you give up, but I have decided that I will never give up. Yes, there is little I can do about my situation after losing some of my vision due to my surgery at Downing and Mcpeak Vision Center in Kentucky, but just maybe I can get the word out and save someone else from going through what I have.
And do not doubt, there are others , some who have sought justice against these errant doctors, some who weep silently at their loss. Some who just do not know where to go for help! I will continue to seek out avenues to help those I can, and avenues to stop those who would harm others ! I will reach out to the insiders of the office and surgery center who know much of what is going on. I will continue.

In the upcoming days and weeks I will still be posting information on RP as I can find it, and I will update any court news etc I find on these so called doctors who have forgotten ( as if they ever cared ) their oath to cause no harm.
Please visit back in a few days for updated information.
And to those who have been in touch about their experiences with these doctors, thanks.

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