Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Retinitis pigmentosa eye disease and Dr Norman Radtke

Dr Radtke is an RP specialist, he has offices in both Indiana and Louisville KY

I believe , from looking at the clinical trial site, he is continuing his trials and recruiting patients,, Only a small number of people at this point,, I can tell you from experience, he is a kind and caring, experienced man.

I went to Dr Radkte after my vision loss at the hands of Dr Downing and Dr Porter at Downing McPeak vision center, and Norman Radkte was trying to rid me of the CME caused from the disaster I experienced at Downing and McPeak.

After having such a horrible experience with believing Dr Porter about his experience with RP, I checked out Dr Radtke before going there and he does have extensive experience with this condition,, unlike Dr Porter , who caused me to lose vision,, I wish I had known about this experienced doctor before letting Dr Porter and Dr Downing near me,, I have no doubt that had I known,, I would still have my vision today .

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