Wednesday, May 27, 2009

$68 Billion Dollars in healthcare fraud

That is how much the US loses each year to health care fraud, 68 Billion Dollars! That is the amount not available to use for needed health care, for people that really need it, or to make health care better, or to lower costs, allthis money that is going down the drain costs everyone, it raises the cost of your premiums, it lowers the amount of services you get, it lowers the amount of quality health care available, it wastes taxpayers dollars.

More people need to turn in these companies that are over charging the health care system, are unbundling services in order to bill insurance or medicare a higher amount, or billing for services or procedures not rendered.

The US spends about 2 TRILLION Dollars a year in health care costs, so I can understand why we cannot afford to have better, bigger, all included , coverage, but we could get a lot closer if we had that 68 Billion dollars a year to use for the good of the people instead of for greedy doctors 2nd, third and fourth vacation homes!!!!

These links are a few that are trying to help the cause!!

have you ever wondered whether your eyecare doctors have an incentive to
scam you??

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