Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are your eye doctors getting too big?

I have noticed a trend, all health care and yes, even those who take care of our eyes, have gone big business.

The little old towns vision center I went to, I found they make way over 10 million a year, when your little old friendly doc has that kind of money generated, you had better look out for yourself!
Does that mean less personal care? Could it mean that we are getting run through a assembly line type service instead of one on one that we need for quality care? I believe that I was given care that was of a " one size fits all " type , that doesn't even work for cheap t shirts let alone medical care!

I went to the home town , eye care specialists, the " good neighbor " type place, but what I found wasn't personal care, , when they spend more time looking over your insurance with a gleam in their eye, than they do looking over your eyes, something is not going to go right. I spent way more time with the billing/insurance clerk than I did with good ole doc.

When I last visited Downing and McPeak eye care, vision center, I noticed that there was a waiting room full, while waiting I also noticed that the age of those waiting were definitely the medicare crowd ( big business needs big medicare money ) If you look at the DOJ then you know that big medicare can mean big fraud.
After being ushered from one waiting room to another,drops put in, techs taking tests ( by the way, if you can, watch and see if the tech cleans the lens after a patient leaves, this can be very harmful and I noticed that they don't always do this )
I see Dr Porter for 2 minutes tops, he flips the lens on his machine once and asked which was better, then decided I HAD to have surgery, ( at that point I should have known to get second opinion,, ah,, the trust issue )

Since then, I have researched how much surgery they do? hmm,, in 2003 their surgical center performed 1895 operations ( of course they own this building , gotta get them surgeries to pay for it?) But in 2007 they performed 3238 surgeries, now you have to ask, are there almost twice as many people needing operations, or does this big business need almost twice the profit?
Your "hometown " friendly optometrist could be a Donald Trump in disguise,, would we really be that comfortable trusting these guys if we realized that they are more business tycoon than doctor?

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