Saturday, May 16, 2009

Is Fraud Really all that Common in the Medical Field?

Between 44,000 and 98,000 people die in hospitals annually each year due to preventable medical errors, the Institute of Medicine found.
How horrible, now can you imagine how many lives have been ruined, or compromised because of mistakes that you never know about, or that were never reported, or that was covered up by the medical field?
Which brings up one subject, get copies of your records, you won't believe what is in some of them that shouldn't be. Look at the bills, see if the billing is correct, see if the diagnosis is correct, see what you sign, before you sign it.
Between 1988 and May 1992, this opthalmologist received $15.5 million from Medicare, primarily for cataract and eyelid surgeries that were not medically necessary or for which false billings were submitted.

It would seem that greedy doctors don't mind operating on you , putting you at risks to fill their pockets and pay for their million dollar vacation homes in the Hamptons!!! Double check everything your doctor tells you !!

I know that we come to trust that doctors really have our best interest at heart, but they can get caught up in wanting more and more, like an alcoholic, it can get out of control and too often , medical procedures that are very important to you, are routine for them.
If you have read the above link then you know that billions are lost to fraud that they know about!! You can bet that the dept of justice doesn't know about but a fraction of what goes on, and it isn't just money when it comes to our health!!!!

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