Thursday, May 21, 2009

Google Your Eyesight

Use your search engine for what matters most to you, your sight
You can check with web sites that rate doctors to check out your vision care specialists, of course this isn't going to be totally truthful, supposedly ratings are given by customers , but I have found some that look like maybe the employees or even doctors have gotten on there and given " their " opinion, and who can tell? It is a start just a small step.

Check out a possible eye care center by looking at their website, is it informative? Is it open to questions, can you email them and ask for more information? Is it informing? Is it honest and truthful?

For example, I looked at Downing and McPeak on the web, they give " testimonials " from supposed customers about how great they see now , after lasik, does that give you the full picture? If a center doesn't at least state by the testimonials that there are some risks involved , then does that start showing you that maybe they are a money machine instead of a vision " care " facility?
Also on the Downing and McPeak site , notice that they tell you they were " awarded " as being a top lasik center by TLC vision corporation? Sounds good right? Until you look at who TLC is, they rent and sell equipment , provide staff etc to companies ,,,, like,,, Downing and McPeak, so this company, that Downing and McPeak say gives them kudos, have financial strings to their center, not exactly a trustworthy account , you can bet that TLC has given these so called " awards " to many many of their customers!!!
Even when you go to the glossary page , there are mistakes or half truths about what some of the conditions are. The term retinitis pigmentosa has a different definition if you look into it, they might be partially correct but not a very good professional explanation.

Can you email them? no
Under their doctors profile , have many of them published research papers in the professional journals?

Look for more substance in a Doctor for your eyes than just a slick little ad type page.
Slick Ads are usually for the production type companies that want to run you through surgery quickly and make the money quickly, they usually don't really take " care " of their patients.

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