Saturday, November 7, 2009

Differential Diagnosis Method

Doctors are SUPPOSED to learn this early on, basically it is taking into account the underlying conditions that could cause a problem.. Taking shortcuts often prove to be detrimental to the patient , in an extreme case, one day in the hospital an elderly woman fell, hitting her head, the doctor spoke on the phone to the nurse, decided that the woman had only abrasions .
The woman over the next few hours got worse, tests were ordered too late, she died, the actual cause of the problem was bleeding inside , compressing the brain, had the doctor looked for the reasons for the fall, possible injuries from the fall etc, this woman may not have died.

In my case, had Dr Porter at Downing McPeak vision center, considered the underlying problem, which I repeatedly told him I had RP. he would have realized that the symptoms he thought were caused by a cataract, were actually caused from my original condition RP, he would have saved me from going through the rest of my life with compromised vision, from the headaches, from my vision declining , and a host of other problems,, but whether he didn't use the correct method in making his diagnosis, or whether he only sought the money from being able to put one more surgery under his belt? I may never know,, but from doing extensive research into why this happened to me,, I do know that had I went to a better doctor, this would have never happened to me,, so be careful out there, make sure your doctor has looked at the possible causes of your problem before you end up with your health in worse shape just so your doctor can line his pockets ....

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