Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving,, are you thankful for your doctor?

In scanning the internet for articles I ran across one article detailing how harvard business school students are calling upon one another to sign a pledge of ethics as they prepare to go out into the business world. Grant you, only 20 percent had signed the pledge, but oh, at least 20 percent have started with the right idea!!

Doctors are suppose to pledge integrity, honesty, to do no harm, right? Well, I don't know how they are talking themselves into believing they are ethical, when in fact,they are greedy ( yes, you know who you are ) but I wonder if they have any higher rate of even starting out believing they could be ethical than the 20 percent of Harvard? Or did they start out thinking,, hmm,, lets do all the surgeries we can, whether good for patient or not, and line our pockets?
I came across a possible answer in an article recently about doctors and their ethics,, it went like this
" Do you think you will walk into a car lot and have the salesman tell you that you do not need a new car ?" Well,, do ya?
And that is why we as patients need to stay informed, not blindly trusting, or you may end up like me,, more blind, but not trusting,,
To the doctors, Downing and Porter,,,,,,,,,,,,, have you checked your ethics lately? well, have you?

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