Sunday, November 29, 2009

More people die each month from medical mistakes than died on Sept 11,2001. Each and every month.
Now when you add in the thousands that are harmed in a life altering way, but don't die. the numbers are staggering! When people see a doctor they expect that they are being cared for, that the doctor would put their health and well being above all else. After all, these guys supposedly took an oath , right?
Not true, these people are looking out for number 1, and its time that we as patients do the same. We must quit thinking of doctors as the good guys, they are sometimes, greedy, in debt, drunkards, uncaring , etc,, and they can put on a smile and fool you, I know because I have had this kind of doctor !! And my life will never be the same, that is why I tell you, be careful !

Who makes sure that these guys do no harm? nobody,, Who inspects in case of patient claiming doctor did something wrong? Other doctors, and keep in mind that when doctors were questioned about whether they had seen another doctor under perform, most had, yet most did not report the doctor !!!!!! They tend to cover up for one another!

It is estimated that 200,000 people a year have either wrong site surgery or wrong surgery, there is no clear national data base on these figures.
When seeing an eye doctor ( especially in Bowling Green , KY ) , if they want to perform a surgery or procedure, get a second opinion OUTSIDE of that doctors circle !!!


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